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I recently purchased Iranian Lullaby by Sima Bina and I am absolutely delighted with it! The music is beautiful and the extra notation paper makes it so easy to learn how to sing or play the lullaby. 

Paria Nas

This collection is a diamond of Iranian culture and has been invaluable for my baby. She loves to listen to the melodies and scripts of her roots and I am so pleased to be able to provide her with such a great resource. The CDs are of excellent quality and the book is full of beautiful illustrations and stories.

Los Angeles, California

I absolutely love the Iranian Lullabies - Book with 4 CDs! The voice of Sima Bina is so beautiful and soothing. The translation of the book is also in English which makes it so much easier to understand the meaning behind the lullabies. It's a must-have for me.


خانم سیما بینا یک افسانه در موسیقی ایرانی است. متأسفانه او نمی تواند در کشور خودش آواز بخواند


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